Some things you may be thinking

How do businesses get involved?

There are dozens of ways for businesses to get involved in Tryanuary, but it all starts with a conversation with your Regional Coordinator. Let them know you'd like to take part.

Can anyone become a sponsor?

We're committed to aligning ourselves with sponsors who share in our passion for independent businesses. We will consider all applications, but ultimately will only accept only those which we feel sit well alongside the image of Tryanuary.

What happens if we don't have a Regional Coordinator?

Help us recruit one :)

Is it one Regional Coordinator per county?

Generally, yes, although it can vary. The Coordinators need to be able to work closely together, so if it's a small team who know one-another, that's possible. There are various responsibilities within the role, so we don't mind if they are divided up.

We'd like to partner with Tryanuary, who do we speak to?

Drop our central team an email explaining your ideas (contact details here). Tryanuary has never partnered with another organisation; we've always remained independent in that sense. This year however, we have a bigger team, with new ideas, so we will certainly consider all suggestions.

I was a volunteer for Tryanuary 2018 – do I need to re-apply?

Yes. This is because we have new roles for 2019, which may interest you. We'll look out for your application with great anticipation

How do I get our Tryanuary events listed on this website?

Chat to your Regional Coordinator. If you don't have one, help us recruit one!

Will there be Beer Days for 2019?

Yes! Beer Days were exceptionally popular for Tryanuary 2018 and we will certainly be continuing with them in some format. In order to give more areas more coverage, we may run Beer Days simultaneously.

Will there be a new charity for 2019?

Yes. We will choose a different charity every year. In 2018 we raised £3,676.90 for East Anglia's Children's Hospices (having set a target of £2,000). Thank you to everyone who donated!

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