Brew York Barrel Ageing and UK Brewer's Showcase

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About the event

Running from January 25th - 27th and kicks off on the Friday with the launch of the Brew York Barrel ageing project. We are one of only 4 sites in the UK part of the launch and as such have 4 exclusive beers pouring which are a very limited release in keg. At the same time we have 18 new breweries gracing the taps, with all but 1 being the first time we've ever had them on. Here at the breweries we've got: 3 Blind Mice Ampersand Boutilliers Burning Soul By The River Campervan Chapter Brew Co Duration Gibberish Leviathan Liquid Light Loka Polly Small Brew Beer Co Staggeringly Good Unbarred Vault City Wander Beyond Yonder

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