Lab Culture - Meet the Brewer at Tilt Birmingham

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About the event

Lab Culture’s craft beers are brewed using waste heat from a vertical farm taking sustainable food production to the next level, quite literally… Impressum A symbiotic relationship: a vertical farm and a microbrewery. Lab Culture Brewery is the brainchild of our small, entrepreneurial team who have a thirst for innovative, environmentally-conscious design. Our vertical farm was not as green as the plants it was producing. When we realised that heat from the LED lights was being wasted a light came on (excuse the pun); After a few pints and a brainstorming session down the pub the seed for the Lab Culture Brewery was planted. What better use is there for wasted heat than brewing beer? That’s right, our beer is ‘waste with taste’. Ale but Einstien! Alebert Einstein - Session Rye IPA - 3.6% Our core session IPA brewed with rye to give a spiced and nutty undertone to the beer. Hopped with Chinook & Amarillo for grapefruit and pine aromas with a fruit and floral taste. Gregor Mendale - Pale Ale - 4.2% Our core pale ale brewed with a big portion of wheat and oats to give it a smooth finish. Crisp, floral and fruity with hints of pine, citrus and pineapple. Galilale Galilei - IPA - 6% Our core IPA brewed with wheat and oats. Fruity, citrus hints of grapefruit and tropical fruit. Hops- Simcoe, Amarillo and Citra. Chocolate Milk Stout - 5% Stout brewed with lactose for the creamy mouthfeel and sweetness. Fermented on raw cocoa nibs for maximum milk chocolate flavour. Lime & Basil Saison - 4% Our first beer using herbs from our vertical farm next to the brewery. Lime Juice and zest has been added alongside a fair amount of basil. Hopped with Citra for big citrus flavour. Crisp, fruity & herbal.

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