The Wolf - 2nd Birthday Weekend! feat. CR/AK

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About the event

Friday 18th January: Everyone's favourite Italian brewery CR/AK with be taking over our taps & fridges with some absolute beasts! On Tap - BA Cantina, IGA Merlot - 8.5% Sour Wild Grape Ale - BA Cantina, Mirtilli - 9% Sour Wild Ale with Blueberry - BA Cantina, IGA Cabernet - 9.5% Italian Grape Ale - BA Cantina, Pesche - 7.5% Sour Wild Ale with Peach - NEIPA - 6.5% New England IPA - New Zealand - 7% Gluten Free IPA In the Fridge - Mundaka - 4.6% Session IPA - Giant Step - 7.5% Citra Mosaic IPA - Giant Guerilla - 8.5% DDH NEIPA - New Zealand - 7% Gluten Free IPA - NEIPA - 6.5% New England IPA More TBC

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