Twisted Barrel Ale Home Brew Club Meet Up

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About the event

What is Home Brew Club? The Twisted Barrel Home Brew Club is an exciting chance for anyone casually interested or passionate about making beer at home to socialise with other beer enthusiasts, share advice, discuss tips and recipes and learn more about the brewing process. Members can bring their own home brew in for constructive feedback, obtain help on equipment queries or brew issues and help each other to improve as brewers both at the monthly meetings and online through the invited members Facebook page. What can members expect? Meetings are popular and well attended, featuring talks on many aspects of brewing, followed by a Q&A and finishing up with that months’ home brew challenge tasting. Challenges are set for each month throughout the year and every participant’s submitted beer is tasted and judged by the club. The challenges give members the chance to get creative and brew different beers which they might not have attempted before and expand their knowledge and appreciation of the style, utilising different hops, malts, yeasts and techniques following the challenge guidelines. One of the high points on the Club calendar is an annual home brew challenge, whereby every participant’s free-style entry is judged by a panel, with the winner having the opportunity to brew their recipe on our 6BBL kit and see it sold commercially with your name on it. Various social events also feature throughout the year, visiting other home brew clubs, beer festivals, brewery visits and participate, whatever your level of experience in a periodic club brew. Where everyone gets to pitch in making a beer at the brewery designed by the members themselves on the brewery pilot kit. Which is very much a learning and progressing together process. Meetings are held once a month, and details of the next meeting can be found on our Facebook events page: How much is it going to cost me? There are 2 types of membership, starting from absolutely nothing. Free Casual membership Cost - £0 A casual membership is suitable for a beginner who wants to start home brewing gradually or someone who maybe brews infrequently and simply wants to learn a bit more and would like to socialise with fellow beer geeks. By being a casual member you will receive the following benefits: Attend all meetings and social events Socialise with all other members of the club Participate in club brews Full Home Brew Club membership Cost – Registration fee of £24 A full membership is suitable for a keen home brewer, whatever their knowledge or experience level, who wants to learn more. By registering to be a Full Member you will receive the benefits of a casual member, and the following: Participate in monthly Club Challenges Participate in the annual Home Brew Club Competition Participate in pilot kit brews with Twisted Barrel Ale Purchase reduced price home brew supplies Obtain commercial brewing support & advice If you have any questions about the Home Brew Club, please contact the Home Brew Club team on Home Brew Club Guidelines Below are some guidelines which all members must bear in mind when attending the Twisted Barrel Home Brew Club. - Twisted Barrel Home Brew Club is open to people of all walks of life, backgrounds, race and cultures. Members are requested to be respectful and courteous to your fellow club members and brewery staff. - Twisted Barrel Ale is a vegan business that does not use any animal products in the course of business, therefore please ensure that any beers you bring to the club do not contain such products, for example; isinglass, gelatine, lactose, honey. - Sampling of other member’s beers is at your own risk. Twisted Barrel Home Brew Club and Twisted Barrel Ale cannot be held responsible for the quality control of other member’s home brewed beer. - Twisted Barrel Ale and the Home Brew Club encourages responsible drinking in all members. The purpose of the club is to appreciate and learn how to make great beer. Home Brew Club members are required to manage their own drinking levels and ensure they only drink to safe levels.

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