Unity Brewing Tryanuary Edition Meet Your Maker

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  • Event price: £7.50

About the event

Holy Cat naps it's 2019! Where did that come from? But fear not if 2019's caught you off guard, make a good pretence at having your shiz together and jump on the Try-anuary wagon by grabbing at ticket to our latest Meet Your Maker. Listen to Jimmy, founder and head brewer of Southampton wunderkids Unity Brewing Co. as he take us through a hugely diverse range of beers, all for £7.50! Beer List - ‘Collective’ Vienna Lager with Cedar Wood - ‘Drift’ Winter Witbier - ‘Annum' 2018 Double Export Stout - 'Collision' South Coast IPA - ‘Nocturne’ Porter, Grapevine Edition

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