Cup V Glass

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  • Event price: £17.00

About the event

A tasting of 7 coffee stouts, each served two ways.

Compare how each tastes served in a glass and in a coffee cup.

£17 covers the cost of the beer.  

Beers from the UK and Estonia.   Session stouts and a some imperials.

Sori Brewing

Tallinn, Estonia

Shadow Game 3

Madagascar Vanilla and Ethiopian Cake

13%  2 x 55ml


Tartu, Estonia


Colombia y El Salvador Imperial Stout

11%  2 x 83ml



City of Cake

5.5%  2 x 110ml

Sussex Small Batch


White Mocha


5.5%  2 x 110ml

Heist Brewco
I Can't Get No Sleep

Affogato Stout

5%  2 x 110ml

Turning Point


Thousands of Evils

BA Blend 2019
8.5%  2 x 73ml

Lefthanded Giant


Collective Arts

Hamilton, Canada

Honest Living

Coffee Stout

9.2%  2 x 73ml


Please PM Chris Raistrick on Twitter or Facebook.  Check my instagram for the poster.

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