Monthly Beer Moot at Brewery Market


The evening will be filled with a shared tasting of beers and discussions about beer, food pairings, lifestyle, anything thats appropriate.

Why a Moot?

To Moot is a meeting to share an encounter with discussions and information, a safe assembly for all to present their ideas and opinions without fear. A word that dates back through hundreds of languages and cultures. Choose 1 or 2 bottles/cans that you’re excited about and bring them along! Ideally 600ml to 750ml of craft beer to share with the group. Food pairings are life, so if you bake, cook or want to try an unusual pairing or cook with beer, bring it and we’ll try it! Vegan/non-vegan, whatever! Other pairings are welcome too, a song, a photo, a poem, a texture, a colour - be inspired!

From Middle English moot, mot, ȝemot, from Old English mōt, ġemōt (“moot, society, assembly, meeting, court, council, synod”), from Proto-Germanic *mōtą (“an encounter, meeting, assembly”), from Proto-Indo-European *meh₂d- (“to encounter, come”). Cognate with Scots mut, mote (“meeting, assembly”), Low German Mööt (“meeting”), Moot (“meeting”), archaic Dutch (ge)moet (“meeting”), Danish møde (“meeting”), Swedish möte (“meeting”), Norwegian møte (“meeting”), Icelandic mót (“meeting, tournament, meet”).