Remember, a Pub isn't just for Christmas! (Part 2)

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About the event

January is a notoriously tough month for the beer industry, so Tryanuary was founded to help promote beer as part of a continued balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Throughout January, we'll be offering a reduction on certain drinks (including non-alcoholic for those doing Dry January) to help remind everyone that pubs aren't just for Christmas!

Pubs can be fantastic community spaces & we'd like you to think of us when you're planning on working out of the office, fancy a quiet hour to read a book, socialise with family & friends, or whatever you're planning to do!

Drinks offers:

Nomadic Beers Pale reduced to £2.50 per pint and £1.25 per half
Guinness reduced to £3 per pint £1.50 per half
Veltins reduced to £3.50 per pint and £1.75 per half
London Dry Gin (25ml) and tonic reduced to £3.50
Erdinger Alkoholfrei (Alcohol free) reduced to £2.50 per bottle

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