2020 Tryanuary Campaign in the News

We are back for another year and the campaign has reached out in to the wide wide world.

Below are some of the stories about the Tryanuary campaign that have been found on the web and in print.

On the Web

Try, try, try again

Challenging times lie ahead – and the start of a new year is always a slow time for the pub and brewing industry. We asked media guru Daisy Turnell how we can all help to make life easier.

Forget dry January this is why you are being encouraged to drink beer!

There are all sorts of quirky fads to get involved with in January, along with every pubs’ worst nightmare – Dry January!! While Dry January might be good for your liver and your wallet – there’s one trend that actually encourages you to drink beer.

CAMRA throws its weight behind Tryanuary

The Campaign for Real Ale has announced that it is sponsoring Tryanuary 2020 in order to encourage more people to support pubs during the month of January.

Tryanuary - why you should drink beer this month!

a combination of customers’ lack of funds and general new year’s resolve can cause small, independent businesses real damage. If we then add in pledges to not drink for a month, it can make an already bleak outlook seem even worse.

UK Brewery Tours Winter Sessions: A festive journey through the history of lager

We all like to use the New Year as a good excuse to make positive changes, but instead of giving things up completely why not try out some new places as well?

Tryanuary 2020

The Liverpool Beer Collective is acting as an official local champion for Tryanuary across the Merseyside region. We are proudly supporting this campaign to showcase and bolster our local business at this time of year.

Forget Dry January - people are being encouraged to drink beer

The brewing industry has it's own New Year trend and there are loads of Welsh events coming up to celebrate.