Tryanuary is back for 2020!

Tryanuary is back! 2019 is flying by and we’re just 3 months away from our annual campaign. Tryanuary is volunteer-led month-long action aimed at supporting the beer industry throughout January.

We all know what it’s like. December is a month of indulgence, spending & celebration. So, come 1st January, many people in the UK set New Years Resolutions around health, fitness and saving money. What’s one of the first things people look to do to achieve this? Reduce how much time they spend going out and on beer.

For the beer industry, that makes January quite a challenging month. So, our campaign is targeting the continued support for the industry. Like a dog, beer, breweries, pubs, clubs and bottle shops aren’t just for Christmas!

How can you get involved? As a consumer, it’s fairly straight forward. We’re encouraging you to responsibly support local, independent beer businesses. This can be via a trip to the pub or supporting your local bottle shops or breweries. We’re not suggesting 10 pints a day through January, what we are suggesting is continuing to enjoy beer in moderation, as part of a continuing healthy lifestyle.

If you’re still intent on taking part in Dry January, you can still support Tryanuary! A visit to the pub for some food and a soft drink, or trying zero alcohol beers from a number of independent UK brewers, is still not only supporting the beer industry, but keeping you on track with your resolutions too!

Passionate about the industry and want to become more active with us? Then you can also volunteer to help us run this campaign. Key to the success of our campaigns have been our Local Champions and Regional Coordinators. We’re going to need that help again! You’d be responsible for spreading the word in your region, helping organising events and looking after social media; it’s a fantastic chance to join our National campaign.

This year, we also have a couple of vacancies on our National Coordinating team (still all volunteers!). If you’re social media savvy or fancy yourself as the press facing member of our team, then please get in touch. All volunteering roles, with more info, can be found here.

Pubs, clubs, bottle shops and breweries; we need your help too! We’re looking for you to work with your Local Champions and Regional Coordinators to put on events and offers to keep people coming to places and buying beer in January. Your regional volunteers will be listed online as we recruit them, however if you haven’t got one yet and want to talk to us please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This year, we have a self-submitting events page which means you can list your own Tryanuary events and offers, free of charge. You are also welcome to use the Tryanuary logo! We will have some downloadable content (posters, flyers) soon.

We will once again be supporting the charity The Benevolent for Tryanuary 2020. We encourage those of you running events to help fund-raising, which will be centrally coordinated through Dani Neal.

Finally, as this campaign is volunteer-led, our costs are covered 100% through sponsorship. Without this essential support, we couldn’t do what we do! If you’d be interested in sponsoring us, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info. We will have a web page up with more detail on the packages shortly.

Before I sign off, I just want to say a huge thank you to the National Coordinating team who have worked year-round in the background getting the campaign ready for 2020.

Mike Duckworth has helped move and re-design the website to offer better services and reduce costs to the campaign. Amélie Tamsin has been instrumental in supporting with job descriptions and future volunteer recruitment. Frazer McAllister is chomping at the bit to help bring in sponsorship to fund the campaign, Dani Neal is all set to go with running our charity fundraising and Catherine Webber is ready to support our new Regional Coordinators!


Mike Hampshire
National Campaign Coordinator