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Black Iris Brewery are based in Nottingham, UK. We've been brewing beer in the East Midlands since 2011 when we started brewing in an old unused brewhouse at the back of the infamous Flowerpot Pub in Derby. We've since relocated to Nottingham and employed some incredible staff. 

2020 was the year we'd planned to expand our brewery portfolio, building a Tap Room, buying our own canning machine and simply carrying on doing what we do best: Making incredible beer. Somethings we still managed to achieve we still made incredible beer, we bought our own canning line but obviously the Tap Room had to be shelved but even so, we still managed to build a bottle shop from the ashes of 2020 and during the brief times we were allowed we managed to throw some picnic tables outside as a trial for the future Tap Room. We've been overwhelmed with support from our customers and this has made us incredibly hopeful for the future at a time when Nihilism seemed the only option. And for that we thank everyone, it has reinvigorated our passion and only made us more determined.

Lots of Love,
Black Iris Brewery

Drink Beer Hail Satan

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